Call for Poster

Guideline for Poster

1. Display boards (245cm X 120 cm each) will be available for poster, photographs, arts and drawings, graphs, and brief written papers.

2. Poster size is (48×96 inches), your poster be mostly text, or a combination of text, graphs, charts, tables and photos. Most likely, your presentation is going to be a mix of all of the above. An abstract must be submitted for each poster.

3. All the organizations (those who are working with children with disabilities) in Bangladesh is requested to submit their profile of the organization which will be included the programs and activities with pictures as a poster. No need to submit the abstract.
Poster should be submitted by 30 September, 2017.

4. Children from each organization will submit two paintings before 15 October. Painting size will be (14×22 inches).

5. Posters will be displayed for 3 days.

6. The letters of the poster should be clearly visible from a distance of 3 feet.

7. Full poster should be display in the Board day before inauguration of the conference.

8. Poster Presenter information details should be mentioned.

9. Address for sending Poster:

23rd Conference of AFID secretariat

SWID Bangladesh

4/A, Eskaton Garden,Dhaka-1000


Telefax : +88028319438

Mobile : +8801711056344 (Chairman, Scientific Committee)

+8801858779696 (Conference Secretariat)