Nestled in the picturesque Surma Valley amidst scenic tea plantations and lush green tropical forests, greater Sylhet is a prime attraction for all tourists visiting Bangladesh. Lying between the Khasia and the Jaintia hills on the north, and the Tripura hills on the south, Sylhet breaks the monotony of the flatness of this land by a multitude of terraced tea gardens, rolling countryside and the exotic flora and fauna. The Sylhet Valley is formed by a beautiful, winding pair of rivers named the Surma and the Kushiara both of which are fed by innumerable hill streams from the north and the south. The valley has good number of haors which are big natural depressions. These haors provide a sanctuary to the millions of migratory birds who fly from Siberia across the Himalayas to avoid the severe cold there.


An interesting feature of Sylhet region is the aboriginal tribes such as the Tipperas, the Monipuris, Khasis and Garos who still live in their primitive ways in the hills, practising their age-old rites, rituals, customs and traditions. During festivals such as, Rash Leela (Full-moon night in February) and Doljatra, the attractive young girls dressed in colorful robes, dance with the male members of their choice & love. The Monipuris perform their famous dance, based on allegorical love themes of the ancient mythology.




Situated amidst splendid panorama, Tamabil is a border outpost on Sylhet-Shilong Road about 55 km away from Sylhet town. Besides enchanting views of the area one can also have a glimpse of the waterfalls across the border from Tamabil. Jaflong is also a scenic spot nearby amidst tea gardens and rate beauty of rolling stones from hills.The natural view has gotten affected due to rock quarrying. It’s located in the Bangladesh-India border.



Kalibari, Jaflong

Kalibari temple which is one of the 51 Sakthi peet is situated near Jaflong. Currently this place is not maintained due to less hindu population.

Greeva Peet – Mahalakshmi peet

South of Sylhet around 4 Kms from the city is place named Joinpur. Sri Mahalakshmi temple is situated at this place. As every shakthi peet has its bhairav temple and for this peet Bhairav temple is situated 1 km away from this sakthi peet.


Sree Mangal

Sree Mangal is famous for the largest tea gardens of the world covered by lush green carpet. One can have a look into the spectacular tea processing at Tea Research Institute. Bangladesh produces and exports a large quantity of high quality tea every year. Most of the tea estates are in SreeMangal. It is called “The land of two leaves and a bud”. It is also called Camellia, Green Carpet or Tea Mountain. There are a lot of tea estates including the largest one in the world. The terraced tea garden, Pineapple, Rubber and Lemon plantations from a beautiful landscape. It is known as the tea capital in Bangladesh.


Lawacherra Rain Forest

Lawacherra Rain Forest is one of the most important & well-reserved forests in Bangladesh. Here visitors may see gibbons swimming through the trees and birds like bee-eater owls, Parrots etc. It is a good habitant of Deer, Leopard, Wild Chicken, Squirrel and Python. The terrain is hilly and vegetation is fairly thick. Only one rare Chloroform tree of Asia is here and a prime attraction of travel.



Madhabkunda surrounded by lush tea estates and full of waters lilies is a unique one. Magurchara ruined gas & Oil reserved field, which was inadvertently blown up while digging 3 years ago and was burning a 500-feet height for more than 3 months.  A lot of burnt trees now carrying the symbols of disaster. A lot of rubber & lemon plantation form a beautiful landscape.


Nazimgarh Resorts

This luxurious resort accommodates wealthy guests and visitors visiting Sylhet. It has an outdoor swimming pool, high class hotel suites, Wi-Fi internet and a beautiful view of the jungles of Sylhet.



It is a place with small and big hills which are cut or not. There are poultry farms, and dairy farms and houses on cut hills. There is also a tea garden.

Other spots to travel include shrines of Hazrat Shah Jalal Yamani and Hazrat Shah Farhan, Shahi Eidgah,  Ali Amjad’s Clock Tower, Kean Bridge, Shah Jalal Bridge, Osmani Museum, Jaflong etc.


Sizzling Restaurant

Rose View Hotel, Shahjalal Upashahar Main Road, Sylhet


Silver Palace

Noya Sorok



Barutkhana, Zindabazar


Chiangmai Chinese Restaurant

Zindabazar, Sylhet


Chicken Hut

Noya Sorok


Pizza Shop


Alpine Restaurant (Traditional)


Prithiraj (Traditional)



Rose View Hotel, Shahjalal Upashahar Main Road, Sylhet


Four Season

Rose View Hotel, Shahjalal Upashahar Main Road, Sylhet


Sizzling Restaurant

Rose View Hotel, Shahjalal Upashahar Main Road, Sylhet


Exotica Restaurant

Hotel Supreme, East Mirabazar, Tamabil Road, Sylhet


Dinette Restaurant

Hotel Fortune Garden, 9/A, Bongobir Road, Dhaka – Sylhet Highway, Sylhet


Woondal Restaurant

Barudkhana, Sylhet


Spicy Restaurant

Sylhet City Centre,10th floor, Zindabazar,Sylhet


Panshi Restaurant

Located at Mirzajangal, near Zindabazar, at the heart of the city.
It is known for its cheap and delicious food. It is a large area to accommodate a huge number of people. It also has excellent services and a friendly environment.